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Free From Worry: Developing Confidence in Job Interviews

Laura Craig
June 27th, 2013

Control. It’s one of the most worried about ideas in a job interview.  When preparing for an interview, candidates worry about what’s not within their control, like the questions recruiters will ask, or what the office culture is like.  Even the decisions that are within a candidate’s control, like professional dress and preparation, are filled with anxiety.  In a stressful environment, it is easy to believe that a good interview means achieving an unrealistic state of perfection with no other acceptable alternative.  That will likely lead to a poor interview performance!

Defining Confidence
One way to regain control in an interview is to grow your confidence.  Confidence is different than bragging or arrogance, because it focuses on achieving freedom from uncertainty, diffidence, or embarrassment.  Consider it as faith (gained through experience and knowledge) in oneself and one’s own powers. There’s a line between confidence and bragging, and you will know if you are crossing it in an interview if you lack support for your answers, or make inaccurate assertions about your abilities.  Step away from that temptation and keep the focus on your actual experiences, as you already have the employer’s interest in those.

Developing your confidence can help you appear more professional in an interview, improve your ability to present yourself effectively, and build rapport with interviewers and colleagues.  Confidence as a life skill isn’t made overnight, but is something developed through repeated habits and practice.

Check back with us soon for ways to develop your confidence in interview preparation, what resources to use, and tips for success.