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Create A Winning Mindset In Your Interview

Laura Craig
August 12th, 2013

As you get closer to the interview; confidence in your character becomes more important. Your physical appearance says a great deal about your confidence and interest in the position, regardless of dress codes within the organization. Taking the time to research the company’s culture, and seeking guidance on appropriate dress for the interview shows your desire to be a part of the team, and that the organization can count on you to represent them well. Aim to dress in a conservative fashion to keep the focus on your words and ideas, and ensure that whatever you wear, it is comfortable to wear without adjusting.  Classic suits are the norm in many industries, but some industries are more casual, and require further investigation. Aim to impress, and check out the Hoos Career Guide, found in myUCS, for more information.

Developing confidence in your character can also come from honest reflection.  It is easy to get caught up in how your friends are doing in their job searches, stories you’ve heard about bad interviews and advice from everyone.  Remind yourself that the company is interested in you and wants to know more, and that you are capable of successfully interviewing for a job. Resist the urge to compare your experiences to those of others-very little about interviewing can be accurately compared, even if your friends are interviewing for the same job.

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