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Acing Your OGI Interview Part 3

Laura Craig
October 11th, 2013

It’s our final round of interview tips for making your OGI experience matter.  Be sure to note what to do when you need to reschedule-it happens to everyone at some point!  When it doubt, take the time to let us know when your plans are changing, because it will save you some heartache later.

What is the no show policy? What if I have to reschedule?
Missing an interview: Missing an interview counts as a ‘no show.’ If an employer reports you as a ‘no show’ for a scheduled on-Grounds interview, you will be immediately deactivated in CAVLink and, as a result, will be unable to sign up for any new/additional interviews. In order to be reinstated to the On-Grounds Interviewing program, you must: Send an e-mail apology to the employer and send a copy to the UCS Employer Services Manager at cavlink@virginia.edu immediately. Schedule an appointment with the appropriate UCS staff member to request reinstatement. Send a copy of the apology e-mail to the appropriate UCS staff member and bring a hard copy to the appointment. Understand that UCS reserves the right to suspend On-Grounds Interviewing eligibility on a permanent basis for repeat offenses, reneging on offers, or misrepresentations on application materials. Also, please note that if you are reported as a ‘no show’ and deactivated in CAVLink, you are still obligated to honor all of the interviews that you already have scheduled with other employers.

Rescheduling: In this case, if the interview sign-up period has not yet ended in CAVLink (you can check the closing date of the schedule by searching for the position in your CAVLink account), you will be able to cancel or re-schedule their interview in the system with no consequences.  Re-scheduling may be very difficult, though, due to the fact that most interview slots may already be taken. After the interview schedule closes in CAVLink, you will need to contact the recruiter directly to reschedule or cancel. If you cancel less than 3 business days prior to your interview, in addition to taking the above steps, you will need to call UCS at (434) 924-8900. Please be aware that if you cancel late, you may still be marked as a ‘No Show’ and lose OGI privileges.

How do I deal with scheduling an interview with my classes, how do I approach my professors about it?
Be honest and forthcoming about the schedule conflict.  It makes life easier for you and for your professor if you can provide them with full and complete information, and if you are already aware of any work that may be due that day.  Contact your professors as soon as you can after confirming the interview, which gives you some time to turn in assignments early, for example.  Respect your faculty member’s wishes, and take some time to visit their office hours after your interview to touch base on assignments.

What to wear at pre-interview receptions? Are they optional?
Consult the event listing in CAVLink for any specific wardrobe guidance.  Most receptions do not have a formal dress code, but if you would feel more comfortable dressing up, aim for a business casual look.  That would be khakis or slacks for both women and men, and for men, a polo shirt or button down shirt.  Women can don a sweater or professional blouse.  Above all, choose something professional that will help boost your confidence to engage with employers.

What are things I wish I had known before? –

  • You may be asked to report to a “greeter” suite, where you will meet additional representatives of the company prior to your interview.
  • Allow plenty of time to travel to Bryant Hall and get yourself settled before your interview.
  • Be aware that its possible you may have more than one interviewer in an interview room at the same time.
  • Don’t be glued to your phone while waiting-take a moment to breath and visualize success!

What do I bring? Bringing your questions for the interviewer, copies of your submitted resume and cover letter for the position, and a job description is all that’s necessary.  Don’t forget, you have space to leave your bag behind so that you don’t have to take it into the interview.