Internships: Online Resources

The websites below are intended to serve as a potential resource in your internship search. Use these resources to:

  • Find internship postings of interest
  • Explore the skills and qualifications employers are looking for before you intern and find ways to develop the skills you may be missing (perhaps through a class, club, or organization at U.Va.)
  • Serve as a springboard for conducting your own search for similar sites and organizations online

Although care has been taken in preparing the information contained in this site, University Career Services does not and can not guarantee its completeness or accuracy. Information is subject to change and users should therefore confirm all information related to programs and resources with the appropriate contact. Links to external websites are provided for convenience only. University Career Services has no control over their content. The existence of any link does not imply endorsement of the site by University Career Services and users are advised to exercise the same caution they would normally apply in visiting any unknown web site.

While there are many ways to explore potential internships, we hope that this page will inform you of various internship programs and provide you with a basic understanding of existing opportunities.

Some opportunities are fee-based (i.e. interns must pay a fee to participate and/or secure a position). Why do organizations charge fees? The reasons vary by program. Some charge fees due to the placement nature of their program. Others offer assistance with housing, meals, pre-planned activities, or other services. Review opportunities carefully and contact individual programs if you have any questions regarding fees and how fees are used.

Many opportunities require that students secure academic credit for the experience. UCS is not able to grant credit for internships; however, there are other options you can explore.

Participating in a fee-based or for-credit opportunity will most likely incur more personal costs than a paid internship will. We know that individuals have different resources available to them. Our intention is for the information on this page to create an awareness of existing programs, not to promote potentially exclusive opportunities. Learn about potential funding opportunities.

If you find a link to one of the resources no longer works or redirects you to a new web address, please email us.

General Resources

Review internship listings posted by employers and alumni who are interested in U.Va. students.
MyUCS is a portal to job and internship-related subscription services. By creating an account with your U.Va. computing/email ID, you have FREE access to sites which are otherwise fee-based.
  • Career Insider by Vault- Includes an internship database (search results may include international opportunities) and guides to industries that frequently recruit college students and recent graduates
  • Internships-USA- Lists popular internships recurring each year in green industries, human rights organizations, museums, and more.
  • Going Global - Provides guides to various countries and a database of internships and jobs. Keep in mind that visa and work regulations vary by country, and you may not be eligible to work in most countries without obtaining governmental authorization.
  • Hub for nonprofit, government, and non-governmental opportunities both in the U.S. and abroad (includes internships)
University Internship Program at U.Va.
The University of Virginia Internship Programs (UIP) is a for-credit academic internship program offered through the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service in collaboration with the College of Arts & Sciences, Departments of Sociology and Psychology. The UIP offers several internship options to U.Va. undergraduate students.
JMU’s internship sites
List of sites by various categories, including academic major and industry/career field.
UC Berkeley internship sites
List of sites by various categories.
Intern Web
Lists internship postings in various fields of interest.
From Summer Jobs and Intern Jobs
Search for internships and summer jobs by keyword.
Summer Jobs Plus Bank
Database of paid summer opportunities, searchable by state.

By Area of Interest


UCS Diversity Resources
Programs for students of color, underrepresented populations, and special populations

Government, Politics and Service

Federal Government Internships
This link to the Call to Serve network provides information on many fellowships and internships in the federal government available during the school year as well as the summer.
Listing of Federal Agencies and Commissions
Explore potential agencies of interest. Visit their sites and search for existing internship programs or contact them directly to inquire about internship opportunities if no program is listed.
DC Internships in Politics and Government
Not a program itself, but a site listing links to offices, organizations, and programs.
Hill Zoo
Jobs and internships on and off Capitol Hill.
Housing in Washington, D.C. for students with internships
WISH houses interns working for the U.S. Congress, the Supreme Court, the White House and all Federal Agencies, as well as the Smithsonian Museums, the Pentagon, newspapers and media networks, law and lobbying firms, embassies, associations, non-profit organizations, university programs and more.

We are aware of several additional programs that are extensively structured and fee-based and in the Washington, DC area. The fees and cost of participation varies by program, and some financial assistance or scholarships may be available.

NGOs, Nonprofits, and Service

UVA Learning in Action
Interested in public service at U.Va.? Look for our lightbulb! Learning in Action is the front door to public service at the University. Use the website to connect with academic community engagement and co-curricular service opportunities in a number of ways: browse through a complete listing of service organizations on Grounds, post your own events to the calendar, answer a call for volunteers, browse the listing of community engagement courses, utilize the various resources to connect with local, state or national programs, and apply for grants, internships, fellowships, and scholarships to further your involvement in public service. Don't forget to sign up for the Learning in Action listserv, follow uvaservice on Twitter, and like the Learning in Action Facebook page to stay connected with service organizations and events throughout the semester!
Duke University’s NGO Research Guide
A variety of links provide numerous ways to identify potential NGOs of interest. If internships are not posted with your organization of interest, contact them directly to inquire about potential opportunities!
UN’s NGO search
Search for NGOs by location and activity/issues of interest.
WANGO Worldwide NGO Directory
Search for NGOs by location and activity/issues of interest.
Action Without Borders,
Well-known site with nonprofit internship, volunteer, and job listings.
Center for Nonprofit Excellence
A local resource center designed to bring local, regional, and national resources to a single place. Not a site for internship postings, but you can use it to learn about nonprofits in the area.
Policy Jobs
See lower right corner for latest internship postings.
Note: Some postings may require a membership but others are free.


New York Foundation for the Arts
The premiere source for jobs and internships in the arts, culture and museum industries nationwide.
Creative Hotlist
A dedicated career resource for creative professionals in visual communications.
Entertainment Careers
Search latest posts or create a search alert to get weekly email updates about internships in acting, music, radio, and more.


Sustainable Business
Select the Green Dream Jobs tab and select "internship/volunteer"under "Skill Level"
Environmental Career Opportunities
Review the Environmental Internships link or the numerous job links. If a lists only a full-time position, the hiring manager may be interested in interns as well – contact them to inquire about possibilities.
Green Corps Summer Internships
Interns gain hands-on experience working on independent projects in a non-profit setting, while learning important organizing skills.
Good Food Jobs
Search for a diverse array of apprenticeships, internships, and jobs in food policy, farming, culinary arts, and more.

Science and Research

Science-based research internships, fellowships, summer jobs
Search by geographic location and area of interest within science. Internship and Fellowship Opportunities in Science
Provides links to numerous opportunities.
American Association for the Advancement of Science Internship Opportunities
Includes volunteer and paid internship opportunities.
Mt. Holyoke: Finding Science Internships
List internship opportunities by various categories.
Barnard College: Science summer internships
Lists internships by field of study.
National Science Foundation: Research Experiences for Undergraduates
NSF funds a large number of research opportunities for undergraduate students through its REU Sites program. An REU Site consists of a group of ten or so undergraduates who work in the research programs of the host institution. Each student is associated with a specific research project, where he/she works closely with the faculty and other researchers. Students are granted stipends and, in many cases, assistance with housing and travel.
Association for Women in Science: Internships
The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) National Office has paid internships available year-round, each lasting 2-4 months.
American Psychological Association: Undergraduate Research Opportunities & Internships
Provides links to various opportunities.
Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship
The U.S. Department of Energy has established a national program titled the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship. Under it, Brookhaven National Laboratory and other labs offer student appointments for spring, summer, and fall terms.
Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Review the job listings and conduct a keyword search for "intern"or "internship".


Media Bistro
Choose from seventeen industry categories, or just search for "internship" under "duration." Lots of opportunities in the NYC area.
Journalism Jobs
Search for internships in print and online media, and new media. Filter your search by nonprofit, PR, business, or diversity categories.


Work in Sports, Sports Internships
Job posting site that works with employers in the sports industry. Requires a membership fee to have access to the postings.
Teamwork Online, Sports Jobs
Select any of the sports organizations on the left-hand side and look for the internships link.
Jobs in Athletics – Sports Internships
Advice on how to pursue/create your own opportunities.