Law Professions Advising (LPA)

Law Professions AdvisingYou undoubtedly have many questions as you begin to consider the possibility of law school. What is the process? What kind of timeline do I need to follow? What kinds of things can I do to prepare? Law Professions Advising exists to help you address these questions and more.

For guidance on how to become a strong applicant, we highly recommend that your first steps be to subscribe to the listserv ( and regularly review our blog ( Then refer to the variety of resources available on this website by clicking on the topic you are interested in from the menu on the right. For further guidance also consider scheduling an appointment or stop by during office hours.

LPA Appointments - Bryant Hall @ Scott Stadium

Individual advising appointments are offered throughout the year, Monday through Friday. These appointments are 30 minutes in length and can focus on any topic related to your interest in the legal professions. To make an appointment call (434) 924-8900 or come by the UCS office in Bryant Hall. Please do not contact an advisor directly to make an appointment.

LPA Office Hours - Monroe Hall, Room 263

Monroe Hall Office Hours are an additional and convenient way for students to receive advice or guidance without scheduling a 30 minute appointment at our Bryant Hall Office. Sign-up sheets are available outside Room 263 at the beginning of each session to sign-up for a 15 minute time slot. Once you sign in you are not required to wait at the location, but you are responsible for returning for your scheduled time. Office Hours are a great opportunity to obtain resources or responses to immediate questions quickly if your advising needs do not require a half hour appointment.

Office Hours (Fall and Spring semesters)

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

1:30PM - 4:30PM

LPA Resources This listserv is a great way to find out about events around the University of interest to students interested in the legal professions. The UCS Law Professions Advisors strongly recommend that you subscribe to this list. You will receive important announcements (deadlines, meetings, visiting experts, etc) once a week through this listserv. To subscribe, follow the instructions at:

Law Professions Advising Opportunities Blog Check out the Law Professions Advising Opportunities Blog to get information on resources, announcements and other opportunities for students interested in the legal professions.

Frequently Asked Questions This resource addresses the most commonly asked questions we hear from students 1st year through 4th year and beyond.

Law Professions Mock Interview Program Did you know some law schools conduct admission interviews? 30-minute mock interviews are available for students engaging in the application process. Dress is business casual. Contact 434-924-8900 to schedule.