New York Recruiting Alliance

New York Recruiting Alliance

We are not Participating in New York Recruiting Alliance this year.

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UCS participates in a consortium with the career offices of Northwestern University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Mount Holyoke College and Smith College to sponsor employment interviews in New York City. This consortium is called the New York Recruiting Alliance. For the past several years, U.Va. has had approximately 35 students conduct interviews in NY as part of this event and we are excited to once again participate. The purpose of the program is to expand interview opportunities for students who are interested in the fields of scientific research, advertising, publishing, legal services, public relations, and marketing. Most employers in these fields do not conduct on-Grounds interviews. We anticipate that 15–20 employers in the fields mentioned will participate in the program. Participation means that the employer will be sent resumes of students from all five schools who are interested in interviewing with that employer; the employer will then select students from each school to interview in New York.

You must be a 4th-year student to participate in this program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which employers are participating?

The list of 2014 employers will be available in late December. All of last year's participants have been contacted and we hope to add new employers to the list of participants. View 2013 employers online!

Are these interviews for real job openings?

Because many of these employers do not have structured training programs nor do they hire in large numbers, it is often difficult for them to predict in February whether they will actually have vacancies in May. Therefore, some of the interviews are more for networking and building contacts for future opportunities. Many students who have participated in the New York Recruiting Alliance have found even the " information interviews " to be extremely worthwhile. In some cases, these contacts resulted in a job offer later.

How can students sign-up to participate?

  1. Attend the mandatory Information Session.
  2. Students must submit a completed Student Registration Card at the information session to be eligible to participate. Then, they must check the list of participating employers and decide which organizations are of interest to them. Students are required to submit a resume for each employer and/or position; cover letters are optional but strongly encouraged. The deadline date is firm and non-negotiable.
  3. Resumes will be sent to the employers who will preselect students (and several alternates) for interviews. Students will be notified of preselect and alternate decisions via e-mail.
  4. Students who have been chosen to interview (either preselect or alternate), must confirm their intent to travel to NY on February 24, 2014 and attend the interview. Preselects are guaranteed a timeslot. Alternates will be granted an interview only if there are open slots after all preselects have confirmed. Preselects and alternates must sign NYRA agreement card.
  5. Interview Schedules: confirmations of all scheduled interviews will be forwarded via e-mail to all interviewees.
  6. Preselect and Alternate students must attend a mandatory Travel and Interviewing Information Session in February.
  7. Employer literature is available online. Read it before interviewing. We also suggest that students read career books on the industry for which they are interviewing (e.g., advertising, publishing, etc.), and/or speak with alumni in the field or with the employing organization.

What about travel arrangements and cost?

Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements and costs. Students may have a friend or relative with whom they can stay in N.Y. Another possibility is to get together with several U.Va. students and share a room at one of the nearby hotels. There will be a meeting to discuss travel and other interview day arrangements. We strongly suggest that students arrive on Sunday and delay departures from New York until at least 6 p.m. on the day of the interviews. Some employers have asked students to return to their office to meet other employees.

What if I change my mind about participating after dropping my resume?

PLEASE DO NOT DROP YOUR RESUME IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUSLY COMMITTED TO PARTICIPATING IN THE PROGRAM. If you are selected by one or more employers and you commit to interviews, you are obliging yourself to travel to N.Y. and interview on February 24, 2014. If an emergency occurs and you will be unable to interview after you have committed, please call UCS (434-924-8900) immediately. On the day of event you will be given a cell phone number to call for emergencies. Any student who does not appear for a scheduled interview without notifying UCS in advance will be denied further use of our programs and services.